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Seven (7) questions for seven answers

That’s it! We have the “three minutes interview” with Serge Kher, more vivid memories, the school, the pals, the first kisses…

1. How was life in Beirut different in those days and what are your most vivid memories of that time?

Some of us were very lucky in the lifestyles our parents enjoyed and passed on to us. We were all “innocent” if you will. The war in 67 did not really disrupt daily life.  School, sports, an occasional party and the beautiful beach in the summer  filled my life. My parents enjoyed the Casino and their entourage of friends with many “invitations” (French) to friends’ homes for an evening of card playing, libations, delicacies and plenty of laughter. At times, the young ones were allowed to tag along but were relegated to a room. We listened to records and talked about being famous and where life would take us when we “grew up”.
A time too young to flirt. For me anyway. Personal vivid memories…there are many.
Scoring and always beating the Italian section in football during the Intramural Festival. First kiss, spin the bottle,  Kim Larose, Carol…. Louise, Father Leahy and his athleticism, Brother Dell and the “Boy Scouts…that’s another story, the Cedars, Baalbeck, the grotto at Jeita, body surfing, Riviera Beach, Hotel St George, Bykfaya where I spent a month during the summer’s at my friend Claude’s house, the way of “the way of the cross”, “confession” , Fathers Bias and Thomas…..etc…etc…etc…For the rest, you will have to buy my book.

2. How do you think that the years of school in Beirut have influenced your later life?

The Salesians were great compared to the Jesuits. The brain washing was held to a minimum. We received guidance no questions about that. The shaping of my life and its effects is still on- going. However, my parents had the biggest influence on me.

3. Whom did you stay in touch with over the years?

Thanks to Skype and Facebook, I was able to re-connect with Francois Sargologo and Nitu Pohoomul. Recently Noella, her brother Rudy, Luigi Guarracino and not to mention Richard Deraney as one of the people I have been in touch the longest.  Not for lack of having tried for years to connect with others. Hopefully we’ll get the word around in attempt to contact many more.

4. Would you have liked to stay in Beirut after having finished school? And do you think your life would have been different?

No. But that’s a tough question. Hindsight is 20/20 and I would not and have no desire to…what if?

5. Do you think you will return to the Lebanon one day? And if so, or not, why?

Perhaps…. one day. At the moment,  I wish to remember Lebanon the way I lived it and the way it was.

6. Are you interested in taking part in future reunions of ex-students?

I would love to reunite with ex-students. The Italians do that on a yearly basis. My work schedule and family obligations lately have made it very hard to get away.

7. What do you think of this website and how can we improve it?

Keep working boys. I’ll be more than happy to provide info and stories relating to past events. I still am tearing my house apart in attempting to find  more photographs and my Year Book. I’ll keep you posted.

Scoring and always beating the Italian section in football during the Intramural Festival…