3 MINUTES WITH :: Frederic Abcarius

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Seven (7) questions for seven answers

How was life in Beirut different in those days and what are your most vivid memories of that time?

Life was wonderful and beautiful. At times a bit turbulent because of the Palestinian conflicts, but other than that, daily life and the quality of life was absolutely fantastic.

How do you think that the years of school in Beirut have influenced your later life?

I became the envy of a lot of people I met later in life. (Europe and now Canada)

Whom did you stay in touch with over the years?

No one. lost contact but found a few people on FACEBOOK recently.

Would you have liked to stay in Beirut after having finished school? And do you think your life would have been different?

Hard to say if I would have stayed. We left in 1972 and have never returned.

Do you think you will return to the Lebanon one day? And if so, or not, why?

I would love to visit and see the school, home and beaches we used to go to. I plan on travelling once the travel advisory allows it, and Beirut is more stable.

Are you interested in taking part in future reunions of ex-students?

Yes.. most definitely.

What do you think of this website and how can we improve it?

Please add more pictures and ask people to send updates of where they are now!