Fast forward again

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Historical evidence tells us that Lebanon existed at least 7000 years ago. We can imagine the blue warm waters , the white-capped peaks and the green verdant mountains pleasing the senses of those early inhabitants who called this land their home.

Fast forward to the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the many migratory populations and even a well- known citizen of Nazareth.

My father’s last book, ‘In the Footsteps of Jesus, the Messiah, in Phoenicia/Lebanon’ by Dr. Prof. M. Roncaglia, puts forth evidence of Him seeking refuge near Tyre and Saïda, walking extensively between coast and hills.

An earlier publication ‘CANA ( Sud- Liban) Guide Historique’ catapulted the small town into the limelight, and landed my father in front of journalists from all over the world.
Jesus, and his Mother, did travel on foot many days to go to the ‘Wedding of Cana’ where the First Miracle took place on what we know as modern Lebanese soil.
I was lucky to visit and bring my young family to this amazing place twice.

Lebanon is and has been ‘on the world map’ for many reasons but today let’s remember the ‘heart- strings’ reasons best.

Fast forward again to the lucky many, or few, who attended the Scuola Salesiana di Beirut in the 60s and 70s and 80s, and through reminiscent Blogs, timeless photographs, Art Exhibits and minutes spent with alumni, time traveling has served us well.

We travel back by connecting the missing dots with our own ‘three- minute’ personal stories.
We seek validation by inspiring others to write and remember the same stories.
It is almost impossible not to. After all, we are in this together since the school’s desks, ‘i banchi di scuola’ .

We also travel back by seeing our young smiles, us or our love interests in soccer uniforms, our teachers and Don(s) standing among us….and the school playground, ‘il cortile’, as well as the school building, ‘la nostra scuola’…we renew in our memory the songs on our bused field trips taking us to stand among the ruins of Baalbeck, Anjar, Byblos or Beiteddine.

We remember them.

We honor our memories and those who are no more with us on earth with anecdotes and stories, sometimes surprising. We cherish the oral and written traditions. A picture can elicit a thousand thoughts and words. We look at the picture, we write words down or retell the picture’s story with laughter or nostalgia. When we do that, we seek each other through vivid stories and/ or  quiet thoughts.

You are all invited to the Grand- Opening of this monumental work you, the ex- allievi, have made possible. We are waiting for you.

We welcome your thoughts, your reactions, your ideas, for it is in high numbers that lies our strength and that we are ONE together:
One school, Una Scuola
One collective freedom of thoughts
One beautiful mosaic of ex-students and teachers
One capable group who strives never to be forgotten

They’ll remember us.
But better yet,
We’ll remember ‘US’.


Lebanon is and has been ‘on the world map’ for many reasons but today let’s remember the ‘heart- strings’ reasons best