Beirut & the School in 1953

da | 13/01/2014 | AAS BLOG | 2 commenti

I hope you are doing well, and  I wish you all a merry Christmas and a peaceful and happy new year.

During preparation (researching) for my last exhibition in Beirut last April, I found this historical image (attached jpg) in a private photo archive. I was informed that the picture was taken in 1953 at an opening ceremony of the Druses main house ( Beit at-taifa Ad-durzieh) in Verdun street in Beirut.

In the back ground, is the Salesian school of Beirut (for Boys) clearly visible. I hope you’ll like it. Please let me know if you need it in an larger size.

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Received this text and picture from Salah Saouli some days ago (January 2014) and finally found the time to print them online : thanks a million Salah!