Flying Carpet

19/09/2022 | Art Galleries | 0 commenti

I’m sending you now some information about the “Flying Carpet” project which I have done in 2021. It was shown in Berlin in KINDL Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, during the 48 h Neukölln Art Festival 2021

And later  in winter 2022 at the Museum Villa Rot in Burgrieden southern Germany. And was shown during this summer (until the Sept 5th 2022) at the Open Art Biennial, Örebro in Sweden.
Attached a short concept and  images of the installation and snapshots of the videos

Credits of the work:

“Flying Carpet”, 2021. Carpet, transparent plastic cords, 2 channel videos installation in loop.

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The Flying Carpet presents a legendary and magical means of transportation that allows humans to leave their usual surroundings and travel to the realm of the unreal and mythological. It links “other spaces” of the imaginary and utopian on one hand and the real and profane on the other. These “other spaces” appear as places where alternative worlds can be thought of, existing outside of time, in opposition to the world of the real.

Linking these two oppositional worlds the carpet presents a mobility that has been transported from the sphere of the ordinary to the sphere of imagination. This idea of the link stands at the centre of the work.

Some information about the “Flying Carpet” project from Salah