ALI : A name of Braves

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Carissimi tutti, innanzitutto tanti auguri per i vari compleanni, compreso quello di  don Gianni anche se non fa parte del nostro gruppo su Facebook.

Vi inoltro una lettera di Youssef Saouli che ha scritto a proposito di Ali Ghamlouche che è ci ha lasciati qualche giorno fa. Non so se ve lo ricordate ma Ali giocava il pomeriggio a scuola a pallavolo, aveva gli occhi azzurri ed è anche stato ferito durante il bombardamento fatidico. Insomma pare che sia stata una sorpresa un po’ per tutti, senza motivo, ma purtroppo questa è la triste realtà.

Youssef mi ha chiesto se potevo inoltrare questa sua lettera a Diego per che la inserisca sul sito del Cortile della scuola ed ecco quindi qui di seguito il messaggio di Youssef in proposito.

Un abbraccio grande a tutti 



Ex-allieva, SSB

ALI : A name of Braves

With deep sorrow I apologize for not attending the ceremony in Beirut , but I spent the day in a journey of memories .

It is obvious that many  are grieving this week of the loss of a beloved soul , I regret having you left our mortal space in pursut of a better place, I know that family and friends on the other side are in celebration today , as they welcome your arrival with open arms , while we MORN your departure with sadness , yet I am grateful for knowing you and share and experience some episode of our lives, at the moment , albity teary eyed, I smile, grateful for the memories.

You probably know how special you are to many of us , and to me specially , when we were young , playing in the street, outing , swimming at Dalyeh, fishing , movies on Sunday for 0.60 P and in the afternoon  playing volley ball at the Italian school , hours of playing cards and backgammon, you were quite , we would not know you were around except for the sound of dice rolling , while others spoke loudly , shouting , saying words , with their hands and facial expressions , but for you Ali , it was always a large smile , so large, knowing you are the winner .

Well today , I think you are winning , on the other side there is a big party , all friends , Kays , Saeed Anouti, M Reslan ( Tamazo) , Ali Shukr, Don Micheal, Don Morazzani and few others are having a blast , playing volley ball ,cards , backgammon, screaming , shouting , and you as usual , smiling.

From the moment I heard your planning for this trip I wanted to wish you farewell , as you are forever in our memories and although many are saying farewell , I want to say good bye for now , and see you later, please say hello to your parents , to my Mom & Dad , and to whom ever you encounter along your journey , and till we meet again , farewell Ali and good bye my friend good bye

Youssef Saouli
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia



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