The Pursuit of Happiness

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What is happening in America, and more specifically in Charlottesville, Virginia , the seat of the University of Virginia founded by Thomas Jefferson, is an old story who always makes the news.

If Americans have the untouchable duty and honor of ‘Freedom of speech’ they will use their right to do so at times without a conscience.

Lee himself would have not withstood  the violence that shook this pristine corner of Virginia known for its history and rural beauty.

Roman Emperors ruled and conquered with blood, yet no Italian has thought of destroying their statues. It is History and as such it is unchangeable. What can be changed though are the attitudes of people so the future will be free of such terror, well known since antiquity.

Americans do everything with passion: street marches, sit- ins in squares, with symbols depicting who they believe they are. Some point the finger at the leaders of the nation, but we also see opportunistic aims by regular people who will not hesitate to get into a car and plow into a crowd.

We have reached a point in the history of our nation where everybody has a right over everything, including taking lives.

Old story that makes the news.

We point our fingers towards the far Right, nazi followers, even showing footage on TV of Hitler saluting his troops.

The US Constitution speaks of ‘The Pursuit of Happiness‘ long forgotten at these marches and sit- ins. All Americans strive for it and all humans have a right to it. But the crazy intentions of these marches betray these archaic words.

If a weed grows why not take its root?

Here everybody has rights, even to the detriment of a pacific, diversified and tolerant society. One can see that in schools, where difficult children are told ‘You will do better next time’ and given a slap on the wrist with no consequences.

Unfortunately we will witness more such detrimental marches and we may mourn more loss of life.
Old story that will always make the news.


It’s a complete mess, archaeologically, scientifically and on a human level!!