Dec 1962 Grade IV class photo – Christmas time

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A Very Happy New Year to every one, your families and your beloved, maybe we’re a bit late but as we say around here, better late than never….
Another old school pal of ours (Sadananda Konchady) found us online and left a couple of messages here and there that you can read hereafter, with a great picture at the bottom of the page, in case you would like to download it.

Ciao a tutti!!


Er Webmaster..., SSB

It would be nice if you could post this photo on your website for other alumni.
I still remember Brother Dell who took French classes for us.

I studied at Salesian Boys School, Beirut from Grade I to Grade IV from 1958 to 1963.
Unfortunately I do not have contact with my classmates and am trying to locate them.

Thank you,


Sadananda Konchady
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A great picture from Sadananda Konchady