A tutti gli ex-allievi di Don Bosco

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Michal Hort – Foto scovata su internet

Ricevuto quanto segue dal Presidente dell’Organizzazione Mondiale degli Ex-allievi e che giriamo più che volentieri a tutti i nostri ex-allievi vicini e lontani, augurando a tutti un gran fine mese di Aprile.

Don Gianni

Salesiano, SSB

Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco,

I would like to greet you on the special occasion of the feast of Easter. It is blessed time of reflection and prayer for us past pupils and friends of don Bosco.

I invite you to contemplate on the suffering and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. With that I invite you to contemplate also the sacrifices of our father Don Bosco who was always directing us to the love of Jesus Christ in all his efforts and work. He was willing to give eveyrthing to Jesus as Jesus gave everything for us and our sins on the cross.

Our sacrifices and struggles are not of a lesser kind from those that Don Bosco experienced or the suffering of Jesus especially during his passion. We suffer everyday in our lives – family issues, health problems, difficult relationships, friendships, poverty… May all of those bring us closer to Jesus because only he can take them and change them. God has changed suffering and pain of Jesus into the salvation of humankind. He had changed all the challenges of Don Bosco into the holy man for the Church and shining example for us – Salesian Family members. Let us open our hearts and give all we have to Jesus, so he can change our lives into something better so once we can all be resurrected in eternal happiness of love with our father don Bosco and our loved ones.

I pray for all of you and your families, that the strong meaning of these upcoming days will bring peace in your hearts and at the end great joy to your lives. Because at the end of the three dark days in the tomb there was a ressurection of shining light. So may be it in our lives and daily struggles. Open your hearts to mystery of resurrection and let Jesus resurrect our lives again.


In don Bosco

Michal Hort

President of World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco